• Four-tier risers, modular units, platform in black felt covering, safety rail
• Overall size in 4-tier rectangular set-up, L x W x HT – 10M x 2.3M x 0.8M (picture below)
• Capacity – 18 or 19 pax each tier. Including floor standing row i.e. 5 rows, estimated total capacity is 90-95 pax (based on shoulder to shoulder standing and depending on individuals’ sizes).
• Storage area (estimated), L x W x HT – 2.3M x 1M x 1.8M

Size Chart
TypeModular, L x W x HT (cm)QtyRemarks
1st Tier100 x 50 x 2010pcsNon-collapsible, secured by cable tie
2nd Tier100 x 50 x 4010pcscollapsible, secured by cable tie
3rd Tier100 x 50 x 6010pcscollapsible, secured by cable tie
4th Tier100 x 50 x 8010pcscollapsible, secured by cable tie
Safety Rail100W x 180HT10pcsSecured by nut and bolt

Additional feature: Modular units allow flexible configuration into any shapes required.

Charges include: Rental fee, 2-way transport, installation & dismantling

Tel: 6 3344 313