Crescendos & Diminuendos 生命的音符 – S$18
52 Devotional readings with musical terms 52音乐灵修小品
English with Mandarin translation 英译中

“A “must-have” book in every church musician’s library. This book is a unique combination of a dictionary of common musical terms and a music ministry devotional book. In each page is a simple and clear definition of a musical term, followed by a brief devotional written specifically for the music lover. This book is truly a much-needed resource for musical and spiritual growth of choir members and leaders, worship team, worship leaders, and congregation. ”
-- Dr. Myrleene Grace C. Yap
Dean/Dir. of Field Education, Singapore Bible College School of Church Music

“…一本很特别有价值的书。本书从诸多的音乐名词术语中特选了52个名词, 从音乐名词的意义中去联想主耶稣基督的教导和反省基督徒生命的实践。教会音乐一方面强调完美的音乐知识与技巧,另一方面也看重生命心灵的表达,…从音乐名词中去探索音乐本质,更推论到基督徒灵命的实践实在是今天圣乐事奉者最重要的属灵操练。”
-- 李忠民 牧师 - 哈利路亚圣乐社音乐总监,国际基督教合唱指挥团艺术总监