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About Us 关于我们

Hallelujah Oratorio Society (HOS), established in 1977, comes under the music direction of Rev Lee Chong Min, together with conductors Samuel King, John Tong and the HOS executive committee. HOS has five ministry groups under its wings. Serving together are Christians who hail from various protestant churches in Singapore, the youngest being 11 years old.  HOS seeks to carry out its purpose, which is to “Promote Church Music to Glorify God and Edify Man” through various means, i.e. by raising the standard of church choirs and promoting engagement in church music through the performance of a wide range of Christian works, collaborating with churches and providing learning opportunities and resources.


The origins of Hallelujah Oratorio Society (HOS) can be traced back to 1977, when choir members from the “The Successor” evangelical rally choir formed the Successor Choral Society under the auspices of the Singapore Chinese Christian Union. In 1987, we were renamed “Hallelujah Oratorio Society” (HOS).





Under the direction of Rev Lee Chong Min, former music lecturer at the School of Church Music, Singapore Bible College (SBC), artistic director of the International Christian Choral Conductor Society (ICCCS) and various Christian choral groups throughout Asia, HOS has grown into one of Singapore's most widely acclaimed Christian choral societies. Our repertoire ranges from oratorios, masses, and choral symphonies to contemporary choral anthems.



The purpose of HOS, to “Promote Church Music to Glorify God and Edify Man”, is carried out in three ways:


HOS presents Christian music works on a variety of platforms, eg. holding concerts at public venues, Praise Concerts in churches, sing at church’s special occasions and evangelistic rallies; commission new Christian music works in collaboration with Christian composers, writing orchestration and featuring the works in concerts and seminars.


Between 2003 and 2014, we partnered with the Singapore Bible College Chorale and the Singapore Symphony Chorus to perform in many Singapore Symphony Orchestra concerts under the baton of Maestros Lim Yau, Okko Kamu and Lan Shui. The Philharmonic Orchestra has been performing at HOS oratorio concerts since 2001.


To equip church choirs and conductors with the necessary skills for service in church, HOS strives to cater quality training through small and large scale programs like church music seminars, choir and conducting workshops, evening classes on vocal technique, music theory, sight-singing and aural skills. HOS also regularly collaborates with the International Christian Conductor Society (ICCCS) which includes facilitating workshops on choral singing and choral conducting.


Forms of publications to engage and enhance learning and appreciation include:

  • Literature - In-house magazine include the “Music & Friends”, which features short articles and ministry updates; books relating to church music have also been published;

  • Audio and Visual – Selected live recordings of HOS concerts and seminars are made available on CD/ Dvd and YouTube;

  • Friends of Hallelujah – a membership scheme that connects with ministry supporters.









(三) 资源


  • 刊物 -《圣乐良友》季刊包括散文与事工活动消息;其他书籍则收集圣乐小品和著作;

  • 影音产品 - 本社现场录制的音乐会及圣乐讲座收录在CD/Dvd以及 YouTube视频。

  • “哈利路亚之友”- 通过设立会员籍,与圣乐事工支持者们联系。



HOS started two new choral groups, in addition to Hallelujah Chorus, during its 25th anniversary in 2002. Each of the 3 groups handled different repertoire:

Hallelujah Chorus – apart from HOS annual concerts, the group performed oratorio and choral symphony works;

Hallelujah Chorale – performed mainly Christian anthems;

Hallelujah Singers – up to 30 members selected from Hallelujah Chorus formed a group to perform a wider range of Christian choral pieces.


In 2009, Hallelujah Chorus and Hallelujah Chorale merged and HOS was re-organized to 2 main groups, namely Hallelujah Chorus and Hallelujah Singers, with a total of 100 members.


From 2019

The ministry broadened its reach to train more believers with the establishment of 3 new groups. The 5 groups under HOS now consists of:

Hallelujah Chorus (since 1977) – members are baptized Christian of ages between 18 and 40 years old (female) and 50 years old (male).


Hallelujah Singers (since 2002) – a small group that represents HOS to perform at external invitations and collaborates with churches for Church Music Sunday services.


Hallelujah Gloria Chorale [HGC, since 2019] – originally formed by HOS alumni, the group started recruitment of all baptised Christians of age of 40 & above in 2020.

Hallelujah Chamber Orchestra [HCO, since 2019] – consists of players of ages between 11 and 25 years old.

Hallelujah Youth Choir [HYC, since 2020] – consists of youths of ages between 13 and 21 years old.







【哈利路亚圣歌团】约30人团小组,成员来自【圣乐团】,演唱多类型的基督教合唱   曲目。





【哈利路亚圣乐团】(1977年成立)- 受洗基督徒,年龄截于18岁至40岁(女声) /50岁(男声)。

【哈利路亚圣歌团】(2002年成立)- 小组代表圣乐社出外演唱、与教会配搭带领圣乐主日。

【哈利路亚荣耀圣咏团】(2019年成立)- 先由前团员组成,2020年起招募40岁以上受洗的基督徒参加;

【哈利路亚青少诗班】(2020年成立)- 团员年龄截于13至21岁。