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HCO Concert 2022

“The Seven Last Words of Christ”, an orchestral version composed in 1786, comprising of seven meditative expressions attributed to Jesus during His crucifixion, is one of Joseph Haydn’s most famous and frequently performed works, especially during the Easter season. This music, comprising of nine movements, starts with immense sorrow and ends in an “Earthquake”.

In this passion week concert, a narrative is specially written for each movement. Besides gaining insights to the musical expressions and significance of the seven spoken phrases, the crafted speeches and scenarios, inferred from the Four Gospels of the Holy Bible, brings us to contemplate on the sorrow, the physical and emotional struggles of Jesus, as He faces His destiny.

Performed by: Hallelujah Chamber Orchestra . Zhang Tong, John (conductor) .Kimberlyn Wu (concertmaster) . Joseph Lee (narrator) . Virginia Tsai (narrator)

Infant in arms or children below age of 7 shall not be admitted.
Children 7 years and above must purchase ticket for admission.
Advisory is available on SISTIC ticketing website.


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