Rev Lee Chong Min 

HOS Music Director & Conductor

Lee Chong Min has been the music director and conductor of the Singapore Hallelujah Oratorio Society since its inception in 1977. From 1980 to 2010, he was the music lecturer at the School of Church Music at Singapore Bible College (SBC), and the conductor of the SBC Chorale and SBC Singers. He had also been the music director and artistic director of several Christian choral societies in Asia. Currently, he is the founder and artistic director of the International Christian Choral Conductor Society.

He has made frequent appearances as guest conductor and as music lecturer in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, China, Canada, and the United States.

Lee received his early musical training in Singapore and later in London under the tutelage of Lyndon van de Pump for voice, and under George Hurst for conducting. In 1994 he studied conducting under preeminent teachers, Helmuth Rilling and Donald Neuen in U.S.A.

The wide range of repertoire which he has conductor included choral symphony, opera, major oratorios, anthems and a cappella. Some of these works include Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Mass in B minor, Brahms’ German Requiem, Mozart’s Mass in C minor and Requiem, Haydn’s The Creation and The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross, Handel’s Messiah, Gloria and Dixit Dominus, Mendelssohn’s St. Paul, Elijah and Hymn of Praise, Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis and Vivaldi’s Dixit Dominus and Gloria, amongst others.





李忠民早年在新加坡接受音乐训练,后赴英国随Lyndon van de Pump进修声乐,与George Hurst学乐队指挥。1994年在美国随世界名指挥家Helmuth Rilling 与Donald Neuen学习合唱及乐队指挥。

李忠民指挥的广泛曲目包括歌剧、交响乐队、神曲、颂赞曲及无伴奏清唱,所指挥的作品包括巴赫之《圣马太受难曲》与《B小调弥撒曲》、布拉姆斯之《德国安魂曲》、莫札特之《安魂曲》和《C小调弥撒曲》、韩德尔之《弥赛亚》、《Dixit Dominus》与 《荣耀颂》; 海顿之《创世记》及《十字架的最后七言》、孟德尔颂之《圣保罗》、《以利亚》与《赞美颂》、贝多芬之《庄严弥撒曲》以及维瓦蒂之《Dixit Dominus》与 《荣耀颂》。

Samuel King

Conductor for Hallelujah Singers and HYC

Samuel King is currently the conductor of Hallelujah Singers and Hallelujah Youth Choir. He studied under Håvard Gimse, Kathryn Stott, and Are Sandbakken and completed his Masters of Music in Piano Performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway in 2017. Prior to obtaining Masters, he attained his Bachelor of Music (Honours) in piano performance at the Royal College of Music in 2013, after his Diploma in Music at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2011.

Although a pianist by training, his interest in choral music and choral conducting had led him to countless choral leadership opportunities. In Norway, he was invited to participate in classes and projects held by the renowned Grete Pederson, Søren Kinch Hansen and Kjetil Almenning, and simultaneously completed an additional course in choral conducting with Anne-Karin Sundal Ask. In 2013 and 2014, his passion for choral arts has led him to collaborate with ICCCS and HOS as an educator and conductor, respectively, on a regular basis in the Asian regions, teaching at choral conducting and choir workshops, music camps, and conducting performances.



龚久隆老师目前是哈利路亚圣歌团以及哈利路亚青少诗班的指挥。他于2011年考获南洋艺术学院音乐文凭,2013年考获皇家音乐学院音乐学士荣誉学位;2017年赴挪威奥斯陆的挪威音乐学院进修,考获音乐硕士钢琴演奏学位。修读期间师承Håvard Gimse, Kathryn Stott, 以及 Are Sandbakken。

虽然主修钢琴演奏,他对合唱与指挥也有浓厚的兴趣,并在多个场合中担任合唱指挥的角色。在挪威进修期间,曾被邀请参与当地著名音乐家,Grete Pederson, Søren Kinch Hansen 以及 Kjetil Almenning举办的音乐课程与项目企划;进修音乐硕士同时他也师承Anne-Karin Sundal Ask,完成了额外的合唱指挥课程。2013与2014年间,他开始定期与国际基督教合唱指挥团以及哈利路亚圣乐社,在海内外所举办的合唱与音乐训练营以及在音乐会中配搭,担任音乐教育者及合唱指挥。

Zhang Tong, John 

HCO Music Director & Conductor

The music director and conductor of Hallelujah Chamber Orchestra, Zhang Tong, John, has been performing and teaching cello since graduation. He was the guest principal cellist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra in 2011 and he continued to perform with them as a freelancer. He was also the conductor of the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra from 2013 to 2018. Besides playing the cello, Zhang Tong also studied choral conducting with Rev Lee Chong Min and trained under Solomon Chong for singing.

Born in China, Zhang Tong was trained by his father to play the cello at the age of 6. In 2001, he entered the Music middle school of Shanghai Conservatory of Music on scholarship. In 2006, he was invited by the University of Kansas (USA) to participate at a cello festival in Kansas City and, at the same time, was offered scholarship to study at the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with Professor Qin Li-Wei.

The trainings he had attended in recent years included: The Great Mountains International Music Festival (2010) held in Korea. At the festival, Zhang Tong had the opportunity to learn from Aldo Parisot (Professor of Music at Yale University and former member of the Juilliard School) and world renown cellist, Jian Wang; Choral Conducting Masterclass (2019) organized by ICCCA, guided by teachers Rev Lee Chong Min and Samuel King; Participated in a conducting competition and masterclass organized by Gheorghe Dima Music Competition 18th Edition (2020), held in Romania.

Currently, Zhang Tong is studying for his Master of Church Music in Choral Conducting at the Singapore Bible College, School of Church Music. He is the choir conductor of Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church, a member of HOS and he sings with the International Christian Festival Singers.





近年来的提升受训包括:2010 年,参加在韩国所举行的音乐节 The Great Mountains International Music Festival,在音乐节期间受到耶鲁大学的Aldo Parisot 教授以及著名大提琴家王健的指导;2019 年参加由国际基督教合唱指挥团在东马所举办的合唱指挥大师班,其间受到李忠民牧师和龚玖隆老师的指导;2020年受邀参加在罗马尼亚所举行的 Gheorghe Dima 第18届 合唱指挥比赛和大师班。