A Fragrant Offering 献上馨香祭

Project NARDOS is special fundraising initiative by HOS. We invite you to join us in this exciting transformation of our studio and grand piano purchase, paving the way for a new chapter in music education to better equip this generation and Christian musicians.

Project NARDOS是圣乐社的特别筹款项目。藉此邀请您在音乐工作室改造以及筹备购买经典三角钢琴项目上与我们同工,共同开启优质音乐教育的新篇章,为培育一代又一代的圣乐事奉者做好准备。

A Space for Musical Growth
Our current 1,000 sqft studio has served us well since 2016, but we see potential for more. We plan to renovate and revamp the space to accommodate larger gatherings, include our new grand piano, incorporate video conferencing capabilities, and provide room for mini vocal and instrumental recitals. These upgrades will significantly enhance our ability to offer diversified music programs, elevating our ministry to new heights.


A Timely Investment
Over the years, we have been blessed by the grace of the Lord in our ministry. As HOS and its choirs expand, so do our needs. To create music befitting our King as we sing and exalt our great God, we are embarking on a journey to acquire a permanent grand piano for our music endeavors. Not only does this grant us artistic freedom, but it also ensures long-term financial prudence by reducing the costs associated with renting grand pianos for our performances.

多年来,我们在事工中蒙受了上帝的各种祝福。随着事工和合唱团体的壮大,我们的需求也在增加。在歌唱和颂扬伟大上帝的同时,我们正在筹备购买一架经典三角钢琴,与诗班配搭一起呈现音乐来赞美那至尊的君王。这不仅 赋予我们在艺术表现上的自由,而且还可以降低演出所需租赁三角钢琴的费用,从而确保我们有一个长期且合理的财务规划。

Our Appeal 我们的呼吁

Your Support Matters 您的支持至关重要

We depend on the generosity and partnership of individuals who share our vision. As a non-profit organization, HOS relies on the kind contributions of well-wishers and fellow Christians. Our goal is to raise SGD$120,000.00 to bring our plans to life.  We invite you to join us in this exciting transformation of our studio, paving the way for a new chapter in music education to better equip this generation and Christian musicians.
Soli Deo Gloria!


Sharing with you music from

Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, excerpts from Haydn’s violin concerto and Lalo’s Symphonie Espagnole,
Gounod’s O Divine Redeemer, Haydn’s On Mighty Pens, instrumental arrangements of well-loved Christian hymns and more  

Presented by HOS musicians 
Piano, voice, violin, wind quintet and the HCO string ensemble

Piano – Samuel King, Lee Yun Xin Jennifer
Voice – Ian Yew, Jessey Chia
Violin – Jolina Liew, Fong Tze Meng
HCO Strings ensemble led by conductor John Zhang Tong and concertmaster Kimberlyn Wu

Sunday 26 Nov,
5pm Newton life Church
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Admission is free of charge
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No admission to children 3 years old & below

Offering Collection

Love offering will be collected during the concert.
You can opt to make an offering via online transfer now. Please refer to bank information given below.

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“她在我身上做的是一件美事。”(马太福音 26: 7,10)

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