Hallelujah Gloria Chorale

Overview 概述

Hallelujah Gloria Chorale (HGC) started in 2018 with 25 former HOS members, with Mr. Heok Seng Chiang as the conductor. Gloria Chorale has been presenting choir anthems at Christian gatherings such as, the National Day Thanksgiving Service and Stephen Tong Evangelistic Rally. Recruitment of new members age 40 and above began in January 2020. The choir seeks to carry out the purpose of HOS ministry by growing in numbers and be effective witness of Christ Jesus with church music, ministering to the pioneer generation and their contemporaries. 

哈利路亚荣耀圣咏团于2018年成立,由二十五位前团员组成,叶胜章执事担任指挥。荣耀圣咏团曾经在基督教机构所举办的聚会中献唱, 如“国庆赞美会”以及唐崇荣布道大会。荣耀圣咏团从2020年1月开始公开招募40岁以上的团员,盼望成为一个强大的队伍,履行圣乐社的宗旨,以圣乐见证基督,服事当代以及建国一代的群体。