Lee Yun Xin 

Pianist for Hallelujah Chorus & Hallelujah Singers 

Lee Yun Xin, born and raised in Singapore started her piano lesson at a tender age. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Miss Lim Tsui Fang, she continues to pursue her Master of Music in Collaborative Piano from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, USA. While in the States, she had performed with Wind ensemble in 2011, SIUC choir in the 2012 ACDA Central Division Conference in Fort Wayne and a chance to meet and work with Morten Lauridsen in the 2012 Outside the Box. Yun Xin is also very active in accompanying young musicians from Talent Education School of Southern Illinois/Heart String while having piano studies with Dr. Paul Transue, Dr. Yuto Kato and Dr. Junghwa Lee.

Locally, Yun Xin is currently the accompanist for Hallelujah Oratorio Society in their musical events. Internationally, she is one of the accompanists for the International Christian Choral Conductor Society (ICCCS) music training camps and workshops held in the Asian regions. Since 2016, she is one of the main teachers to teach pianists mostly in East and West Malaysia.


司琴 – 哈利路亚圣歌团与圣歌团

李韵歆出生于新加坡,自幼学习钢琴,在南洋艺术学院师承林翠芳,考获音乐艺术学士学位。毕业后便赴美国南伊利诺伊卡本代尔大学深造,修读钢琴音乐协奏,荣获硕士学位。留学期间曾参与音乐团体的演出,如美国合唱指挥协会中区年会的管乐团(2011)和SIUC合唱团(2012)。她也曾有幸与当代著名作曲家Morten Lauridsen 合作,并经常为南伊利诺伊音乐教育学院的年轻学员伴奏。修读期间曾师承Paul Transue博士, Yuto Kato博士和Junghwa Lee博士。


Kimberlyn Wu 

Violin Instructor

Singaporean violinist Kimberlyn Wu is an active performer both locally and abroad. A graduate of the Peabody Institute in the United States, she completed her Masters of Music in Violin Performance with Taiwanese violinist Tseng Keng-Yuen. A recipient of the Peabody- YSTCM Masters of Music Scholarship, she has also completed her Bachelor studies with Ng Yu- Ying at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, and spent most of her formative years before with Chua Lik Wuk. She also plays the baroque violin and performed with the Baltimore Baroque Band.

Back to the days of her youth, Kimberlyn spent most of her time with the Singapore National Youth Orchestra, Hwa Chong and Nanyang Girls String Ensemble, of which the latter has also seen her perform as assistant Concertmaster in Carnegie Hall, New York. She has also been part of various state premieres in the United States.

Her orchestral experience locally also includes concerts with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, Orchestra of the Music Makers, Singapore Lyric Opera, and Re:Sound Collective. She was also part of the Asia Virtuosi, an annual festival orchestra comprising of leading orchestral musicians from orchestras all around Asia. She has often taken up principal positions, and has recently served as concertmaster in the triple-bill production of Puccini’s Il Trittico with the Peabody Opera Theatre Orchestra.

As an educator, she values a student’s learning process and enjoys building relationships with students through what she can offer. Besides providing instrumental instruction, she has also given educational workshops for students at pre-school to pre-college levels. She hopes to raise awareness of the importance of ensemble playing in one’s holistic music education.



出生于新加坡的余佩诗是一名在国内外都很活跃的小提琴演奏家。她毕业于美国皮博迪学院(Peabody Institute),并在台湾小提琴家曾耿元先生的指导下修完了小提琴演奏音乐硕士学位。她也是皮博迪-杨秀桃音乐学院音乐大师奖学金的获得者,随黄毓颖先生以及Chua Lik Wuk先生学习,获得音乐学士学位。她还演奏巴洛克小提琴,曾与巴尔提摩巴洛克乐队一起演出。


在本地,佩诗参与多个乐团的演出,包括Metropolitan Festival Orchestra、Orchestra of the Music Makers、Singapore Lyric Opera和Re:Sound Collective。佩诗还是Asia Virtuos的成员之一,这是一个一年一度汇集亚洲各国杰出乐手的管弦乐团。她经常出任演出中的首席乐手,最近在皮博迪歌剧管弦乐团演出普契尼作品(Il Trittico)的三联制作中 ,担任乐团首席小提琴手。